Does she like me?

this girl and i have been talking to me for awhile now here are all the signs i think she likes me tell me if she does or doesn't
1) she stays on facetime with me till 4 in the morning as a norm
2) she calls me her bestfriend all the time and brags about me
3) me and her have each others instagram accounts
4) she takes my phone and posts pictures of us togeather on snapchat all the time
5) she's extra nice to me
6) very touchy with me
7) she loves to hug me
8.) she told my friend that she likes me and told him to tell me to ask her out
9) we shared a bowl of ice cream before
10) she is very defensive of me too
tell me if u think she likes me or not

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What Girls Said 1

  • Could it be more obvious after the 8th point? COME OOON.

    • sry i asked lol

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    • lol i asked her out she said yes so thanks for ur advice u da real mvp

    • YASSS! That's great. Go get her!

What Guys Said 1

  • Ya man.. she loves you