Me vs. His grandmother?

I don't know if I'm over thinking this, but I feel like my boyfriend's grandmother doesn't like me. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and a few months now. He absolutely loves his grandmother. However, I have been getting weird vibes.

When we go to visit, she doesn't really ask me how I am. She only talks to his grandson and they talk throughout the entire car ride. When I try to talk about what is going on with me, she doesn't say much and continues talking about him and talking to him. When people call to see what she's doing, she would say she just picked up her grandson without any mention of me.

I have been over her house before plenty of times before. She has two bathroom. One is out in the hall and the other is in the room my boyfriend sleeps in. I needed to use the bathroom really badly and I didn't want to hold up the main one. I figured I can use the one in the room. As I'm using it, my boyfriend yells at me that I cannot be in that bathroom or the room itself because his grandmother said so. Yet, he can be in the room I'm sleeping in. I have been in his room plenty of times before and we even hung out in that room without a problem. I don't get the change now.

She told me I cannot wear the dress pants when going to her church; she tells me what I wear. I have to wear a dress.

And she hardly talks to me, only to her grandson. I don't know if I'm over thinking this, but I feel awkward now.


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  • run!

    • Why?

    • not only does his grandma not like you, but also, he's A GRANNYS BOY! which is much worse than being a mummys boy

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  • You should be able to do what you want, but yeah grandmothers are always tough, very overprotective. They're very old-schooled. Both you and her are the same. You love this guy. Maybe make some compromises. She might not be here for too long.

    • I understand, but I wish he stood up for me or something. I feel out of place having to feel like I'm competing for something.

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    • I try talking to her, but she doesn't talk to me that much. I had talked to her about my interest in church and that's when she talks to me. Not much outside of that.

    • That's good that you have something to talk about. Just keep talking about church until she tries forming a new conversation.