How do I meet new people and eventually get a girlfriend in my difficult situation?

Read on and you'll realize why the title's a bit poorly phrased,

So I go to an all boys high school and I'm not very social at all outside of the school, and recently I've been wanting a special someone in my life. Problem is I have no idea where to meet that someone without looking creepy or desparate. What's a good way to find friends and potential dates outside of school?

And if by some miracle one of you lives in Vancouver and wants to chat a bit, feel free!

Going a bit off topic, is there like a specific way to meet more people of a certain type, i. e. with shared interests?


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  • Go to places where other people your age hang around (shops/malls, amusement parks, etc) with a good friend of yours if you're not comfortable by yourself. It's not creepy at all to strike a conversation with someone when there's something to talk about (compliment their shoes, ask what school they go to because they look familiar (even if they don't)

    • Oh man, that could be hard. I'm not totally convinced just striking up a conversation out of the blue is not creepy. Still, it's probably worth a shot, thanks for your opinion!

    • You shouldn't be too anxious to start a chat with anyone! You'd be surprised how talkative and friendly some people can be. & don't be discouraged if they don't give the same effort. You can't be sheltering yourself like that. Take it from me, I used to be so apprehensive about talking to new people but now, hell, I'll make small talk to a waitress or something. Baby steps :)

    • Thanks a lot, actually! You're a big help!

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  • I found the my crush, who's the best girl I've ever met, at my grocery store job.
    So you could get a job.

    You never know.


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  • I would say maybe chat with people online. I do and I make friends that are guys and it is not creepy are desparate. I would also say maybe try talking to people at your school such as classmates during lunch and try to get to know them. Talk to your family members and make friends with your cousins friends and maybe u may meet a lucky lady. U have to put yourself out there more by being more social. I know it is hard but you got to to do it. Other than that I don't know what to say.

    • K, first off, I'm already good with the guys at my school. There are no girls there, as I said.
      Good idea with the cousins... but none of mine are near me :(

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    • Wait... chat online where?

    • Here, Facebook, KIK. Any social media u have.

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  • Join some sort of club doing something you're interested in.

    • Going into grade 12 does not leave one time for clubs, sadly, otherwise I'd do that.

  • Well yeah you are in a tough situatation.. What about friends at school? then you can hangout and meet gals