Maybe guys can give me insight? Why do these guys want to meet me, but then change the plans?

This doesn't happen with all the guys I meet online (tinder or Facebook) but I've noticed particularly with musicians that either dj or are in a band, they tell me how they'd love to meet me and whatever, and we may even make plans to do so, but then they switch it up on me and instead invite me to some party they are dj'ing or if their band is playing a show, or I've even had a guy invite me to this large friend and family picnic instead of taking me out for lunch. I don't get it... To meet me for the first time, wouldn't they prefer one on one? Or do they want to meet where they feel comfortable or like "in their element"? Or are they friendzoning me? I'm an attractive woman; I've never been friendzoned actually, but I don't get why we have plans to go to, for example, a hookah bar with this one guy, and then he just discarded the idea and invited me to a small house party he was dj'ing. Or another guy has been saying we should get together for a month now, and he finally asked me during this firework show/party at his place with a bunch of people there instead of us just kickin it. Why do they do this?


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  • Maybe they are not that serious about you.


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