Would u pursue a guy whom you hadn't heard from for almost 3 weeks?

We are two professional people actively dating (he: a young president/ceo and me an MD). He texted often and we spoke once prior to date 1. He texted the following eve after date #1 and a few times thereafter and, disappeared. I sent him a text after a few weeks to say "hi" (prior to I have never initiated contact) and nothing more. He immediately replied back with numerous compliments: smart, fun, sexy, successful, great person... And then asked for date 2, he offered to drive to see me (he's 2.5hrs away) about a week ago. I said it would be nice, but I didn't set a date. He asked again this week, I said yes but didn't give him a day. I'm hesitant b/c he disappeared once before. Idc about texts but he no longer initiates, I occasionally do, not often. Yes I like him but if he isn't "that into me" then I'm not wasting my time. What do you think

Disappear = no further contact x 3 weeks. I reconnected with him.
I know he is dating and he knows I am dating which is fine since it as only one date.
At this point, I am the only one who initiates contact and am feeling like I'm doing all of the work.


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  • No, there's no point in that

    • I tend to agree. A date three weeks later is fine. But if he was really interested, I would have heard from him more often after date one as I don't believe he would have allowed another guy the opportunity to get to know me in these past few weeks.
      I don't want to be the one he "kind of likes".

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  • He seems into you but has probably backed off since you're kinda disinterested by not initiating very much and expecting him to do everything.

    • since you're looking kinda disinterested*

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    • If a guy behaved like you, would you want to be WITH him?*

    • All valid points. Thank you.
      My actions are not intentional. My hours are just not the norm and by the time I have the opportunity to text, it's already evening hours.
      I just need to continue to be more cognizant of a man's efforts and find the time to reciprocate more readily

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  • If he's actively dating he didn't disappear, he was just with other girls. I wouldn't want anything to do with the female equivalent.


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  • I think you two need to talk about this issue together and set a date fr a date. Go get your man girl. He obviously likes u if he is willing to drive to go see u and is asking to take u out on another date. He probably is busy cuz he is the CEO to send u text first. Men do that to me too but they still want to take me out on dates and are into me.

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