Girls, Does she like me yes or no?

Girl I used to see on the train we instantly caught each other's eye stared at each other in the eyes. Noticed that everyday she would still stare , mirror my actions , glance at my every move etc staring at me walking to the stop. I started catching it less often like every two weeks as the train would arrive I get in she stares at the floor looking sad. Eyes light up as she sees me. Then stares at me. So I get it less often like every month. I sat opposite her she stares to the ground again but switching between me and the floor smiling gently? . Ok so still not convinced. A month later she starts staring but checking hair , make up walking past to get my attention as I no longer sit near her. Everytime I disappeared and come back on the bus it gets more like from smiling to eventually walking past and saying hi and blushing. So I disappeared again due to work came bk she now has a boyfriend. She seemed embarrassed. So I decided to not add her on Facebook but comment on her picture to let her know then I saw her the day after she smiles hugely at me and her bed walked up caught her and tried to talk to me. I avoided got on a different carriage. He appeared on mine as he turned around she faced me stared, smiled hugely , eyes wide etc like she was saying something? Until he faced my way. So I got off early to avoid him. She then sent me a message and blocked me so he must of forced her. Then he seen me asked if I was * I said no he said ok. I left it two days sent her a message on LinkedIn. Saying - sorry , did want to cause any problem, wanted to approach you since first seeing you but you made me shy. As she's beautiful and looked at me in cute ways , I said I will back off but I hope in the future we can get to know each other. I then said I don't expect a response and see you around. So she hasn't blocked me check update !

So she immediately changed her picture of. Her smiling the same way she smiles at me which is different to her normal pictures ( fake smile ) . like someone at work has taken it. So is she inte rested or not as she hasn't rejected me. She's obv trying t keep her boyfriend happy. What's going on as she was ch
whats going on here? Anybody lol


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  • She doesn't like you.

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