What to do when the guy you're dating is too laid back and doesn't seem as invested as I am?

I've been seeing this guy for a month now and we usually meet up every week or so. This past week we didn't really talk but last night I went out with him and his friends and ended up staying the night at his house, although he stayed in the spare room and I slept in his room! We've not been intimate yet and last night I was hoping we would be as we were in his room together for hours listening to music until we both went to bed! Although we were laying beside eachother listening to music he never tried anything and didn't even kiss me goodnight when we decided to go to sleep.
He didn't tell me he is going on a family vaction this week either, I found that out from his mom. he "forgot to tell me" apparently!

He's always late when he says he'll pick me up he usually is 10/20 minutes late!

I'm leaving the country soon for university and won't be back until Christmas time. I only have a month left here.

Should I drop this guy seeing as he doesn't seem that invested?


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  • From where I am sitting here, dear, you are Just... Friends to the Ends, and not even a Friend with any Benefits.
    Yes, move on. I see the Sure Signs of a Guy with no Try and someone who Doesn't want a Real Relationship except with maybe His... Family and Friends Only.
    You are Starting a new Life and an Exciting one at That. Don't let this Fat Cat in the Cozy Corner bring you Down with a Frown... You will just be Wasting your Time.
    However, I think you are the Kind of Sweet girl who will Probably let him Know that, "I am leaving soon, Joe. See you for a drink at Christmas, my good friend."
    You have 'Invested' enough, now it is time to Pack and Invest your Time in new Clothes and new Moves.
    Good luck and Be safe. xx


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  • I would definitely talk to him. Perhaps he hasn't made a move because he wants you to feel comfortable. But why didn't he tell you about his family trip? That to me is kind of odd. But it's possible that he isn't sure where you are fitting into his life right now. Maybe he thinks you will lose interest because you are leaving for school?

  • Ditch him. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who is as commited to you as you are to them.

  • talk with him. if you guys want different things, then yeah, move on. you're young. this is the time to find out what you like. no point not getting what you know you want when you should be discovering what you dont now yo want, in my opinion.

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