Turned into a bad first date, what should I do?

I've never once gone on a bad date but this evening I met up with a guy for coffee. We got along fine I think with all the talking and we were laughing. But the date only lasted about 40 mins as the coffee place was closing. I thought he would have suggested somethings else but he didn't. And when he dropped me home no kiss or hug. And I just felt a little bit crappy like it really didn't go well.

I messaged him anyway thanked him for the coffee. He text back but till didn't offer me a 2nd date. Just told him I would have liked to talk to him a bit longer. He replied by well you should have said so with laughing emojis. I just wrote back to say goodnight. He messaged straight away saying goodnight with a kiss. But tbh Im really annoyed and upset.

I would have liked a second date but I'm scared to ask because I feel like the date went bad.

Any suggestions on what to do?

  • Ask him out again, A longer date this time.
  • Wait for him to ask you,
  • Just leave it
  • Other
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