Guys, reasons you go GHOST?

I get it, you weren't that interested and you probably didn't want to hurt my feelings, so you decided to just go ghost in hopes that I'd just eventually move on.

But now I have no idea what I did to run you away. I mean unless the whole "I care about you" line was just a ploy to get some. So guys, tell me what are some reasons you may ghost a female?

I mean my understanding of it is that they just were not that interested cus if they were, space would not have been an option!

Thanks 😊


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  • Lots of reasons. Mostly to avoid a lot of drama. Easier to just disappear than to have to explain "why" and put up with an argument that might very well get the man arrested.

    When finished with a broad, its best to just vanish. Hopefully having been smart enough to never have given her your real name or address.


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  • I dont ghost. If Im dissed I won't stick around.

  • when they dont seem interested i just stop talking.

    • When they seem to busy to hang and such?

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    • Makes sense you wanna feel like its equal

    • yeah, and if you ask whats up or ask where its heading then they act all bitchy. and personally i would not persist even if i can because they can call you a creep or whatever and they tell their friends and stuff, thats just sucks.

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