What should I do about my girlfirend?

My girlfriend and I live 1.5 hours away from each other. We see each other once a week and we Skype everyday. Today she got mad at me cause I got off work early and didn't go see her. It's not that I didn't want to see her it's just I thought about it and figure she was sleeping cause she had to work tonight. She was like you thought about it and chose not to come. She made me feel bad. She wants me to come tomorrow and spend two days with her since her folks are gone. I said I don't know I'm not sure if I can cause I might be busy with my parents. She was like well wake up early and see if they need you and if they don't come here. I proposed I'd come Tuesday morning and spend the whole day with her. She didn't seem to like that. She's making me feel like what I do isn't good enough. Example. Oh you video called but you could have came over. She said that to me. She's got depression and she said that I need to think oh what is going to make her happy. Like I'm trying my best. She's like you don't want to dump me cause I'm depressed and you'll be the reason i kill my self. I don't know what to do. I trying my best but I don't think it's good enough.


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  • She just loves u and wants to be around u. It is not ment to make u feel like crap. Her feelings are growing for u and that makes her want u more. Be paitient with her , if she throas a fit. it is not that she is mad at u but mad at the situation that has caused u two to be apart

  • clingyyyyyy


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