When is it too much?

I have been with my boyfriend nearly 15 months we split up after 8 months of being together for 2 months. We lived together so he moved out of the house and left me to pay for everything on my own. He said he felt suffocated as he didn't see his friends enough.We got back together through after bumping into each other on a night out(he was crying in the middle of the nightclub)and now we have been together again for nearly 7 months.

Through these 7 months a lot has changed he's started seeing his friends a lot more, he goes to football and sees his family more(same with me and my friends and family) The problem now is that he puts his friends before me every time, if they ask him to go out he will cancel arrangements with me and most recently he has asked if I can not meet up with him when he is out with them. I feel second best, we have talked about it but he says that's silly, but his actions speak louder than his words what should I do? Is he just too immature for me?


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  • he is a jerk, Especially if he made you pay for every thing. Every girls dissevers better than that