Asking someone to be boyfriend long distance?

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Hello all!
I'm a female, currently using a friends account (Because I want this to be extra anonymous..) and I'm thinking of asking someone out long distance. We've never actually met but I do know for a fact this person I'm talking to is who they say they are. I've had him do ridiculous things on camera and send some silly pictures that would be impossible to fabricate. I adore this guy and I think he's taken a liking to me as well, but I was wondering if the way I was planning on asking him to be my boyfriend seemed kinda.. iffy..
So what I've been doing, is since I started developing feelings for this guy (Let's call him A), I've made a Gmail account where I would send little letters, pictures, snippets of conversations and little things like thatto the same e-mail account as sort of an e-diary sort of thing. I was thinking that maybe I could send A the password to this email and have him look through? They aren't horrible deep and dark secrets either, just little messages like "07-29-16, It was so fun talking to you today! We shared (yadda yadda) Thank you for such a great day A :)" But another side of me is screaming that all of this might be a little much and come across as stalker-ish.. What are your thoughts? I'd really appreciate some input on the situation.
Thank you kindly


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  • That sounds like a really cute idea.

  • If you really like him and you feel like he likes you back, then try giving it a chance.


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