Girls, A guy I like took me camping and I got really sick. So embarrassed. Do you think i'll see him again?

A guy I'm heavily crushing on invited me to go camping at a beach about 4.5hrs drive from where we live.
Im not into camping but I went because I wanted to spend time with him. On the first day of the trip I got sick and had the worst stomach ache I've ever had in my life.

He took me home but he had to stop every 20min so I could get out and do my business on the side of the road. It was so embarrassing. I just wanted to disappear but I also want to be with him.
He dropped me off and we haven't spoken much since.
Do you think its all over and time to move on?


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  • I don't think it's over. I think if he truly likes you, he would understand. People get sick. Yes, it's not glamourous, but it's normal and human and it happens. He can't hold it against you. Maybe it grossed him out. But I would hope if he really truly liked you that he would understand and not let that stop him from liking you.

    I would contact him and see how he's been. How long have you two not spoken for? Honestly in my opinion a guy who cares about you would be checking in to see if you are feeling better.

    So maybe keep that in the back of your mind.


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