Asking for her number or just keep things casual? girl I talk to at bar?

there is a couple different girls who work at bars and restaurants I have talked to and had good conversations with , at least by my standards , they seemed genuinely interested and kept conversation going and answered questions honestly.
my question is should I just keep these situations casual? meaning I just talk to them at work or when I see them at other bars they socialise at?
or should I like ask for a number? and try and communicate with them through texts or online as well? if I already know them on some level and we'd have multiple conversations its not a big deal to ask for a number? but its just since I talk to them at their work I'm unsure if maybe they were just being friendly but the one girl did have a long conversation with me at another bar when she was out partying and not at work so I think she did like me and wasn't just a customer


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  • If they work there then they're just doing their job when they're talking and being friendly.

    • I see some of them outside of work , the one girl I ran into her at another bar and we hung out and talked that night , although that was the first time I had seen her outside of place she works but she didn't have to talk to me that night

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