What do people that are trying to get to know each other do on their first date?

So i know its really weird but I've never been on a date. Now I've been in a relationship twice but the guys the i was in a relationships with were my neighbours and went to the same highschool that i did. So i knew them long before we actually went out. But I've never been on a date with a somehow stranger that I'm trying to get to know. A guy that i just met asked me out and i said yes. Im so worried that the date will get weird or i wouldn't know what to do. So how does it normally go?


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  • To me it's helpful to pick a place where you two can have physical proximity (no physical obstacles) without major distractions.

    An example of a major distraction is a movie theater. Now you two end up staring awkwardly at a screen on a first date, not ready to move to intimate moments, for two hours -- hours far better spent getting to know each other and bond.

    An example of an obstacle is a dinner/coffee table. It's also hard to bond if there's no physical proximity. Something like a park bench, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, can work a lot better.

    Anyway, in my case, I liked to bring girls to thrilling things like roller-coasters, ice skating, bungee jumping. They had to be fairly adventurous types. Usually the adrenaline rush makes it easier to work up to holding hands.

    Then we might stroll in the park, sit on a park bench, talk about each other, kiss. Then usually with the kiss I place my hands on her, and we work our way back to my place or her place.

    Anyway, that's how my dates went usually. The only time it didn't kind of follow this basic idea was with my wife. She was my friend for a long time before we dated, our date was so awkward, and I had to make a bold move with her by hitting the emergency stop on the elevator and kissing her to heat things up.

    • Note in my case that we usually slept together on the first date, though naturally (the only time it was unnatural and I had to make a bold move was with my wife where I had to really make a huge initiative). It was only on rare occasions that this did not happen. If physical/emotional intimacy and bonding isn't the goal, it might be better to just kind of avoid all these things and keep a distance from each other.

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  • My favorite first date is dinner and a movie. Go see a movie, then get dinner or coffee or desert. People say movie dates are bad because you can't talk and get to know each other, but that's why you go get food after the movie. And that way, if you run out of things to talk about at dinner (or you're just awkward like me lol) you can always talk about the movie. It's a built-in ice breaker.
    It's even better if there's a movie theater in your local mall, because then you can walk around and talk before the movie too.

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