What is this attitude? How do you deal with this?

Ok, some story..

Way back when I was in college, my friends and I play Ragnarok online.

On Facebook, I saw an article about Ragnarok online.
It's nice, so I shared it.

Several of my old guildmates commented - "present!" - acknowledging the time we spent together back then.

A random distant friend (yes, a girl) commented in and asked if I was on a specific server.
I said yes, and asked what her character's name is.
She responded, turns out - I don't know her.
And I never replied.

Fast forward 2 days after - girlfriend saw the post and she got irritated.
She's telling me that why do I have to reply over something irrelevant.
I tried explaining to her that it's nothing, it's like seeing someone who came from your Alma-Mater and asking them what block/year they studied there. She's still annoyed as hell.

I was appalled. She might be PMSing, but I don't think it's enough of a reason to act like that.

And no, that girl and I never had a history, and she's a friend waaaay before my girlfriend and I started dating. And she's a distant friend now. And I forgot that she existed until that comment. And I believe she's married or something already.

What the F is this?

She's still annoyed. Anyone else care to share here?


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  • Let her stew in it for a bit, give her space. Honestly, girls get over things that small in like... a day or two tops. Though, I have to say, that's a big ass red flag. It's not like this girl messaged you and said you were cute and you responded with 'Thanks, so are you!' It's a game...

    I'm guessing your girlfriend isn't a gamer chick at all? Most girls who dabble with video games would know that message was harmless.


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  • You just gotta let her fume a little bit. When she calms down a bit, tell her again, very confidently that this girl is irrelevant and what not

  • Does she play with you ever on any games not specifically that one

    • Nope - and when I was playing RO, I still haven't met her back then. :)

    • She might feel threatened or something because she knows you love it and she doesn't take part.

  • Red flags all over the place!


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