How do I approach him?

He always stares at me and is able to talk to everyone but me. He's raised his eyebrows while by me and I said hey but he just kept staring and didn't say anything.. I need to smile more maybe that will help. But he's a lifeguard... I know for sure he finds me attractive... I just don't really know how to approach him or what to say.. Help me please? Thank you:)


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  • Maybe pretend you're drowning, then french kiss him when he tries to give you mouth-to-mouth while your top pops off. Then say you'd be happy to continue this session in private.

    • Lol. You're funny.

    • Seems really effective to me. I can picture it working beautifully in my mind.

      Maybe more boring route: just kind of ask him what's up in an ultra casual way and ask him if he's doing anything over the weekend, things like that.

  • you walk up to him ask if you could ask a question he'll say sure, then ask if he has a girlfriend and if he doesn't, ask if he likes you and thinks your pretty and if he does and says yes then tell him you like him and you would like to give him your number and ask for his then ask when to call or if he would like to hang out with you after he's done working
    its so simple.

    • That doesn't seem very simple. What if he rejects me?

    • thats just something you have to risk just like guys do, but girls dont get rejected as easy as a guy does, a girls physical beauty prevents rejection, unless the guy has a girlfriend or he's gay.
      let me ask you something. have you been rejected before? if not, than you shouldn't worry.

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  • Ask him if he would be interested in hanging out with you.

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