First date last night, We talked for weeks before meeting, haven't heard from him today. What should I do?

I met this guy on OKC, he travels for work, and it just so happened that he was going to be out of town for 3 weeks immediately after we connected. It started off slow, but over the 3 weeks we texted pretty much every day, and the last week he would text me every morning just to say hello.

We FINALLY met in person last night and went to dinner and drinks and spent close 6 hours together. We had a great time and ended up kissing and holding hands. He said he didn't want to take things any further that night because he didn't want to move too quickly. He asked me multiple times if I was having a good time and I of course said yes. He even brought up a few things he'd like to do in the future (ie we should watch this movie, go to this museum). We kissed goodbye and he said "we'll talk later" or something along those lines.

I full expected to get a good morning text from him today, but have heard nothing! Is it possible he's afraid things moved to fast and isn't interested anymore? Should I wait? Should I text him? Should I thank him for the date? I know I'm overreacting, but this was one of the only dates I've been on where I was sure I'd hear from the next day and haven't.

Well, I ended up texting him this afternoon just to say hi. He ended up calling me and telling me he didn't feel a spark and wants to just be friends. I was very surprised bc I thought our date went well. :(


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  • I think you are both in the same boat with "what do I do now" thoughts. I think he is just as worried as you. I think enough time as gone by, it would be ok for you to message him and say, "Thanks again for the great time last night. Looking forward to seeing you again!".

  • it's still early. don't read anything into the fact that you haven't heard. there is no hard and fast rule that if he doesn't say good morning or something that he is not into you

    but you could also just reach out to him and say hi


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  • Holy over analyzing, Batman! Lol

    Calm your tits... you went on ONE date. You'll probably go out again. He probably won't text you for a day or two and then will ask if you want to hang out again. Starting with "good morning" texts already after one date would come off as clingy to a lot of people so most people don't start doing that stuff until after several dates.

    Again, calm your tits!!

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