Why do promiscuous women feel entitled to a non-promiscuous man when they are ready to settle down?

I've never understood this, I am not saying it's wrong for women to sleep around, it isn't, it's their choice, but I notice these women then expect non-promiscuous women to accept their past and accept them, they feel entitled to love, affection and a stable and healthy relationship with a guy that they probably would have rejected ten years earlier.

Those men weren't good enough for no strings attached sex, but are good enough to be a boyfriend or a husband, a bank account and a pillar of financial and emotional security.

An example of this is a friend of mine who spent her teenage years and early twenties sleeping around, she's now in a relationship with an old school friend of ours who before being with her couldn't score in a brothel (his words, not mine), she has openly said that she wanted a good guy, one that didn't sleep around and party when he was younger. Yet that's hypocritical because how can she expect a man of like that when she was never a woman of the same cloth?

I've also read this kind of thing on line from women who sleep around and then feel as if they are entitled to one of those nerdy chumps later in life. I find such a sense of entitlement repugnant and women need to be called out on it.

Having random sex and lots of it isn't the issue, the sense that these women feel entitled to a man who doesn't do that kind of stuff is the issue and men need to stand up against it.

I meant men and not women. Apologies.


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  • I've noticed this more in men than women. Though, I agree it sucks that there are hypocrites that feel entitled.

    You shouldn't be asking for something you couldn't hold yourself at the same standard.

    • I agree, I am not oil painting, so I do not expect my woman to be. That's a very good point that you've raised.

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  • there's men like this two you know. they want a virgin for marriage while think think its okay for the to sleep around thats kind of hypocritical of you ask me.

    • Yes I know but as a non-promiscuous man that is heterosexual and not at all interested in what men do that's not an issue for me.

      My issue is that I have attracted and do attract women who are promiscuous or have been promiscuous.

    • well if no man would attract them then they would have a real hard time being promiscuous

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  • Why do promiscuous men feel entitled to date virgin women when they want to settle down?

    • I was going to say this exact same thing

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    • I'm talking about those manwhores who when "end their career" want only virgins. Which is the more frequent (and extreme) part of your question.
      I don't say it's right for sluts to demand non-promiscuous men when they want to settle down, but you get my point.

    • I am not discussing men here, so why do you keep bringing it up? I agree with your point (not using the word slut though) but that's not for this discussion.

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  • how old is your friend and the entitled promiscuous girl