Trying to ask this girl out but not sure the best way.. any thoughts?

we both like each other. i don't have a lot of experience dating because I've only had two girl friends and they were both several year relationships. i've asked her to hang out but she always says we are not friends. i've known her for a while and no we are not friends, but we are very comfortable with each other. last fall we hung out a few times, but she got mad i never kissed her or called it a date so she told me i 'friend zoned' her. so do i have to be more specific and ask to 'date' her. do i ask to hang out more aggressively then just saying okay when she says no? she is kind of immature and has told me a guy has to make the move on her and has to specify if its a date or not otherwise she friendzneds them (which she swears she hasn't me) so but if thats my answer can't i just be like hey, lets go have drinks? or whatever?

i was thinking about asking her to drive up to the mountains with me for a day trip this cool place i know because she's always talking about adventure. so couldn't i just ask her to do that or do i have to ask her on a 'date' date?


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  • Ok, she needs a man to more directly go after what he wants with her. She needs to feel desired and wanted. She wants to feel like the guy wants her. She isn't interested in a friendly hang out which is what you are offering. She wants and actual date with you with a kiss at the end. You need to ask her out by saying you are NOT interested in being friends. Tell her she certainly ISN'T in the friendzone because you are attracted to her, (tell her this, she wants to feel desired). Tell her you want to go out on an actual date with her! If she asks why you didn't say this before, just be honest with your lack of experience. She will appreciate your honesty!

    • is that what it is then? she does know i have a lack of experience (she has a lot). i didn't ruin my chance by acting like this did i? i mean she doesn't act like she friend zoned me and clearly doesn't want to be friends but doesn't hate me neither.. anyway thanks this helped! most of my advice comes from women, so it was great to hear from a guy for a change lol

    • Your welcome, I wish you the best. Sometimes some women just want to be "taken" or swept off their feet by a man who knows what he wants. Most women want and love a confident man. She clearly was pissed about seemingly put into the friendzone so that is why I think you have the green light to go for it!!! I also wanted to add, don't over do it!!! Don't try to be too macho or too much like a tough guy. Try your best to still be yourself. Just go after what you want! I think that is what she wants most! Good luck!

    • will do. thanks man!!

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  • She is no longer attracted/interested in you. Let it go.


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