Girls, why can't she stop smiling?

Girl and myself used to catch the train and see each other involving - staring at me , copying my actions , looking for attention from me , then as I stopped catching it as often she started looking depressed then happy when I randomly got on. It got more and more like holding flowers to her chest. Switching between me and the floor with a slight smile. Shoving her names travel card in my face and finally as time went on trying to walk past and talk to me I. e saying hi blushing everytime she saw me. So I went back to find out she had a new boyfriend. I commented on her fab picture to let her know I like her. Seen her the following day she had a huge grin staring at me and her nf walked up and caught her. He followed me and as he faced away she stared at me again with a huge smile for like 10 seconds until he faced back around. So I got off early and she sent a message saying just cz I seen her around doesn't mean I can approach so obv keeping him happy. I seen him20 mins later he asked if I was * I said no he said ok I'll leave it then. She stood behind him with a huge grin and then 40 minutes later blocked me. So 2 days later I sent an apology via LinkedIn. Saying sorry I was ment to speak to her the whole time but ft caught up with work , never intended to cause her a problem and was meaning to come back to get to know her abit. And that I respect her wishes and won't approach and I said I hope we can get to know each other in the future see you around. She then uploaded a new picture with the same grin again. She hasn't blocked me neither I seen her and her nf two weeks later in a supermarket and she was riding her shopping cart like a big kid. What the hell is going on here? Why is she acting like that lol anyone know?


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  • She likes you, but she also likes her boyfriend.

    • So why does she mean by these huge smiles? And why did she change her picture? And only block me on fb but not linked in?

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    • Because maybe she wants a side man. And he doesn't like it because obviously she likes you, unless he's stupid he'll know but just won't say it in case he's wrong or seems crazy. Why would a guy like his girl to have some other dude like that on her fb.

    • Well I didn't message her on CB at that point all I did was comment on her photo. She only blocked me and sent me a message because her brother saw me the day after catching the same train.