He's giving me mixed signals? What does he actually mean or want?

Recently I've started talking to my ex again. We've been in contact all summer and for about a month he's been flirtatious. He has called me pretty, sexy, and has told countless times how attracted he is to me. Whenever we hang out, which was a few times a week, he hugged me goodbye and would smell my hair and neck, or pick me up, or let me sit on his lap. He also would grab my knee, poke me, or cuddle with me. Plus, he also texted me good morning and have a good day or to let him know when I got home. Well, I told him a few days ago that I enjoyed spending time with him again and wanted to continue spending time with him. He replied that he liked me but he's isn't wanting anything to happen yet and wants to be friends and continue having fun. Since he said that he's been distant. The hugs have been short, he's less willing to hang out, and doesn't cuddle. But, he still tells me good morning and talks for a little bit each morning. I'm confused why he is withdrawing. Is it because he really doesn't want to be with me or because he is trying to keep it lighthearted being that I'm going back to school in a few weeks?


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  • I am sorry to say it, but to me, it sounds like he is not interested in getting back together. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is he told you he doesn't want anything to happen, and wants to be friends. It sounds to me like he just misses the attention, and is using you for the touchy-feely girlfriend attachment, with no strings/labels attached. This is a way for him to keep yo on the hook, while he's free to flirt with whomever he likes.

    Flirt with other guys (light flirting-- don't lead any poor, innocent guy on). Slowly start reaching out to him less/taking longer to text/call back. If seeing you flirt with another guy doesn't grab his attention, then it's done.

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