Does he really want a relationship or is he just trying to string me along?

Me and my guy friend of 3 years just recently have been having some problems. Long story short, i basically wanted to know if we were gonna be friends who talk to other people or see each other exclusively. So the whole situation went completely left and now we talk to each other every now and then. It’s been about month since we had this talk and now things seems to be cool. Ultimately he told me whatever happens, happens in relation to us (which is hard to hear considering i like him and i believe he likes me). I ended up meeting a new guy and it allowed me to realize how i am not quite ready to move past him and start talking to someone new. I really want to tell him i dont want to talk to other people seriously but I’m not sure if that is a good idea. Should i do it?

Sidenote: My guy friends behavior has been very wishy washy. I hung out with him the other day and he was cracking sexual jokes and he was like touching/hitting me. He even gave me this long intense stare and when i asked him why he was staring at me, he didn't say anything. This is like his second time doing that. On another night, he called me ladybug and even made a snapchat indirectly saying that i was beautiful. I also mentioned to him how i had to go hang out with my boyfriend jokingly and then i mentioned how i had moved on jokingly as well and he was like "already?". Oh and he is also always telling me how he isn't talking to anyone new. I dont ask but he just says it. But he feels as tho i have a bunch of dudes i am talking to.


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  • I think he is just stringing you along but that is what i am reading from this

    • I mean thats what i have been thinking. To the point where it is like i don't even want to like him anymore. I just feel like if you like me as much as you said you did and i was as important to you, then you wouldn't be treating me like so. Like you would be trying to work on getting back to a good page. Then only thing i can take into account is that he has been working a lot lately but honestly when i was with I'm, his phone was ringing and he was getting text so it's just like what's the excuse.

    • I know how You feel I honestly do because A girl i liked for a long time did that to me

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  • I think he likes you, but he doesn't know how to proceed things.

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