Shy guys approaching the women they like?

Just as the title says, for some reason certain girls I have no problem talking to. When it comes to the one I like I just can't seem to approach her and have a good conversation that might lead to a date. I always tell myself that I won't see her again, or she probably has a boyfriend. Then I hear or see my friends able to pull any girls and wonder how to get over my fear of not having "game", not knowing what to say and rejection and actually going up to the girl and make moves. Looking for some advice on how to get over this debilitating fear?


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  • The best way to learn how to do this, would be to ask advice from people who are successful at it (your friends).


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  • Are you really in your 30s? And if so, if I may pry, how many women have you been with?

    I got over this kind of anxiety in my early 20s and I thought I did it pretty late. Key for me was just get some girlfriends here and there. After a few, I got to learn about women well enough, how they think (not *that* different from us), how they feel, how they respond, how to trigger their sense of desire.

    After that it becomes pretty easy to just talk to any girl, tease her, be a smart ass sometimes, basically just treat her like a fun person instead of some daunting creature. I'm far from a casanova, but there's no intimidation there. It got to where I even "enjoy" striking up conversations with women and asking them out, even if they said "no". It's fun.

    • Yes I am exactly 30 right now. I have been with a couple women, but just a few dates. One girl I was with for about 3 months, which is the longest for me.

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    • Anyway, sorry for asking the age! There are lots of people I've found on GaG who ended up with the wrong age on their profile, hence my question. It sounds like you're a late starter to the game, but it doesn't take so long to get good at it if you try.

    • Yeah understandable. Appreciate the advice!

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