I'm so confused on what happen?

Met a girl at work she seemed really nice we exchanged numbers. She admitted that she has been parking next to my car for the past 6 months. I let that slide. She texts me non stop everyday she calls me bae baby bear all kinds of names text me she miss me even though we haven't hung out yet. She left a note on my car while I was at work it said #bae with a big heart and smile face... Everytime I tried to set a date she would tell me she has something going on like friends some event. I tried breakfast even lunch at work but they are providing lunch she said she hasn't been able to take one. 3 weekends go by and still no plans. Then on Monday she got cold just says HI to me very minimal interaction with me and when I ask her what's wrong she said work and she is on her period. I ask was she upset at me and she snapped at me told me I'm being insecure etc said lets just be friends she doesn't want to start a relationship. keep in mind this was all text haven't hung out yet she was judging me based text... She then posted on FB #movingforward... Umm it's only been 2 weeks! Next she text me I'm I still freaking out like I did something... I just replied I'm with a friend what's up and I haven't heard from her since she never replied... She never picks up the phone. Oh and she parks next to me every day at work but since she snapped and we haven't spoken in 4 days instead of her parking else where she parks behind me now... She also went quiet on her Facebook after we stopped talking she isusually active... This is so weird what is up with her?

She told me she wanted to get to know me and I said I do too and she replied she doesn't want to be my girlfriend she wants to get to know me and it will lead to us being friends... Wtf was all the texting she wants me leaving notes on my car text me good morning baby wtf


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  • She is not interested in you. You should move on.

    • Then why was she telling me how much she wants me kept telling me she hearts me calls me baby sweetie park next to me every day leave me love notes?

    • Fine, then she wants you and she is crazy about you. Sheesh, people come here only to hear what they want to listen.

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  • TLDR. Learn to use paragraphs OP. Give me cliffs and I'll respond

  • nutcase