Is it possible to love or be in love with someone you never dated?

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  • Yes its happened to me

    • I am so relieved to hear that!! What made you realize it?

    • When she started dating someone else the pain i felt was more than finding out your crush is takdn. It was like a knife to the heart. I knew in my gut then that i was in love with this girl. That mixed with a 2 hour breakdown of nonstop crying a few months later

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. Putting a title on something doesn't magically change or make feelings stronger.
    I met my husband online and we talked for over 5 months before we met and I think I had already fell for him.
    Through Skype, texting and talking everyday we formed a great relationship (friendship type with flirting and intentions know).

    • I can kinda relate!! I only started liking this guy because I kept seeing him on my friend's instagram post's. We luckily ended up going to the same school, but we haven't had the lucky ending y'all have! Heck, we barely even speak to each other! He thinks I hate him, I'm beginning to think he hates me.

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    • If you like him be honest with him. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship (no matter the kind, friendly or romantic).
      If he likes you he'll take the time to let you get comfortable enough to express yourself.
      But honestly I wouldn't waste my time on someone who ignores me. I feel like if you truly like someone you wouldn't want to play such games and put the relationship in jeopardy

    • Yeah I'm very confused when it comes to him. Too many mixed signals!!

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  • No, that's a crush. Or infatuation. But you can't love someone with whom you haven't even spent any time together with.

    • I thought so, but this crush has been going on for nearly two years, and I don't see it going away or wearing out anytime soon...🙃

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    • and humiliate myself? No thank you:-)

    • Then what do you expect to happen? Eventually he's going to find someone and then it will be too late for you.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, but all you are in love with is an illusion. You build an image of what your life could be like together, and an image of what the person will be like if you were together. Reality always shatters an illuson.