Why girls date jerks over nice guys?

I've never been a jerk. Im the nice guy. And i really dont know why girls like those jerks more than nice guys. And if i could, i would be a jerks for sure. Dont tell me "girls date jerks, but marry nice guys".


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  • Girls date all sorts of guys. Some are jerks, some are nice, some are somewhere in between.

    The thing is, girls date guys who they are sexually attracted towards. That's what separates a "friend" from a potential mate for a girl.

    Kindness isn't usually at the top of the list of the qualities that sexually attract a girl. After all, there's dozens of guys who can like up for a girl being really nice to her and care for her. But the one she'll go for is the one who commands her attention.

    • [...] there's dozens of guys who can like [/line] up for a girl being really nice to her and care for her.

    • Being rejected by women doesn't make a guy particularly "nice". He might have followed a girl around, thought he's in love with her (without even having been on a date with her), and think she deserves someone who cares so much like he does.

      That's like implying that fat girls are the only ones who have nice personalities. It's a reject mentality.

      Avoid being a reject. Pay attention to what *actually* attracts women. And adopt some of those qualities. And don't fixate on a girl too long before asking her out.

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  • I SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS FUCKING QUESTION. Look, just because YOU think you're a nice guy, doesn't mean you are one. You're probably a creepy weirdo, get over yourself

    • Hey look one bad apple ruins the stalk so if a guy is just trying to act nice just for you it ruins the chance for a genuine nive guy i don't know why a lot of girls see nice as desperate or needy i was raised in a good household respect is the number 1 thing to earn repsect you gotta give it. I do agree they're very tedious questions to answer since they've been answered a million times but i just don't want you to generalize all nice guy's you have fakes and then you have real guy's being respectful because it's what they were taught.

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    • Okay... Okay... Just gonna end this conversation.

      But as a 17 old girl, you shouldn't judge people that you dont know. Just saying.

    • Creep shaming is becoming more and more popular in today's society.

  • same to guys
    i'm not a hoe, i'm sweet and lovely but anyways, i think that doesn't matters, i've been in love with guys who fall for basic thots and it hurts, actually, but oh well


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  • Because they actually approach and ask girls out.

    • Lol im doing that. Actually everything goes fine till we start dating. After that something happens and poof it ends. Im looking for that "something"

    • On the date try to turn up the heat. Get frisky with the girl, get physically close (shoulder-to-shoulder, e. g., and pick dating places that let you do that), talk intimately, share things about yourselves. It's all about building a bond -- physical/sexual/emotional.

  • It's probably the 'tough guy' image jerks create by being jerks. Young women tend to learn the hard way that they're not 'hard' at all, just extremely immature. Sightly older women notice the 'tough guy act' and usually recognise it as immaturity. Women's attention often shifts from looking for the 'tough guy' to looking for the most mature.

  • They love to be degraded

  • Wish I knew but I'm a nice ugly guy so I'm double fucked.

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