What type of music to play during dinner on a date and any song suggestions?

I am going over to a girls house for a date, this is our third date, and I had suggested we cook dinner together and watch a movie.

I have already figured out that she isn't used to a guy doing the cooking or helping clean up after dinner, so I figure that will be something nice for her, and I enjoy cooking. I also want to set a nice mood for dinner, kind of a candlelit thing.

what I am trying to decide is the music to have while we are eating. I don't think soul music is really a good idea, just don't think she is into that. We are both into classic rock, but uncertain of good songs to play during a dinner to set a romantic atmosphere. Any suggestions? With classic rock, I'm meaning late 70s and newer


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  • I don't think music during dinner is necessary to be honest you two will be talking and not even paying attention to the music..


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