Guy claims we are just friends, but gives me mixed signals?

A few months ago I matched with a guy on tinder, and we went on an amazing date. He even wrote an hour after we said goodbye that he really enjoyed it and I was a sweet girl. (Hint* this was not a typical tinder date, we just went for a coffee) We would have continued dating if we were living in the same city but unfortunately i was going back to my university town that was 2 hours away. (was in my hometown on the date) But we still talked a lot, and flirt a bit; even though he started to date another girl shortly after he met me. This he lied about for months because he wanted to keep any open door with me. Then I went back to my hometown, and saw him some more times. Nothing happened then either but we spent hours having really good conversations, walking, having coffee, went for drinks etc. Since he was only in my country for 6 months, for a semester abroad he soon went back to his country. Therefore , because he was leaving, he did not want to try anything with me and that we should be friends. But we still keep in touch, and even though we don't write for some time he always initiates for a conversation again. Our conversations has both been on a friend level and beyond that. For example he says that i want to hear his sexy voice and asked me if i would like to taste him. Both jokes, but still referring to something else. He calls me honey, darling and sweaty. The confusing part here is that, a few days ago he wrote to me about his ex the same girl i mentioned about before. That if he would come back here, he would start dating her again, the only problem is that she doesn't want that. He also denies that he has been flirting with me, and how i could possibly think he was looking for something. We are just friends etc. I am aware of that it is pretty hard to date a guy in another country and I am not sure if i want anything even if we would live in the same. But what he wants from this relationship with me confuses me a lot.


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  • I think he likes you.
    He tested your reaction when he talked about the other girl with you.
    Do you know if he also have that great onlibe relationship with her?

    • Yeah but he claims we are just friends and he has no intentions whatsoever when I asked him. No according to him, they only talk once in a while, not that often. 😊

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  • He's using you in order to practice his flirting skills. Nothing wrong with that I guess.