She wants my boyfriend, and how should I react to her trying to flirt always with him?

I had an interview, and that day I met other people, director, manager and head cook of the restaurant. I noticed the head chef was staring at me, I liked him too when I first met him, but never took it serious just because I thought I'll never see him again, just maybe I'll not get the job. But well the guy talked to the director and manager for me and two girls I made friends with there and we got the job. Well, I started training with the head cook at the restaurant and we got on so well, and OMG, everyone knew since the interview day he liked me, but I didn't, but I had the feeling he does. We started dating my second day of training, and I'm with him now. But one thing is that a girl that started training and working as me at the restaurant likes the head chef too, like she's all over him all day, but I know he doesn't like her, he says that since the day he saw me, he knows I'm the only one, and no one else. But this girl likes him, like what can I do? I don't feel bad or anything, I just watch. It's quite rare for me, but I am professional and I'm not going to mix my personal life with work.
I am eighteen, nineteen soon and he's twenty-five. The other girl is seventeen.
How should I react if I see her trying to do something to my boyfriend?


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  • talk to ur boyfriend, if he really loves u, he won't fall for anyone else

    • I've talked to him, and he knows what I think. He says he doesn't want anyone else, that when he saw me, he likes me so much (love at the first site). I know he doesn't like her, but you know, knowing and seen how she tries to flirt on him it's not good at all.

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    • thanks fr MHO :)

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  • Don't do anything at all. Your boyfriend already reassured you that he likes you.