Girls, Is she interested or not?

Girl and I started seeing each other on the train home everyday. We would stare , she then started to - mirror my actions , stare from a distance , look me up and down , glance if friends are talking to her. Then look sad at times if I never approach. I caught it less fruenquently and she seemed happy to see me etc , still staring but mixed signals. Then if I sat opposite her she would look at me and the floor with a slight smile. Everytime I caught the train like every two months she got more hesitant like if I sat opposite her she looked at everyone but me. Then suddenly started saying hi , smiling , blushing heavily. All of which she would purposely check hair , make up and walk past as I stopped sitting near her she also seemed confused. So I comeback after 3 months and seen her with her new boyfriend. She looked embarrassed and didn't look at me. I decided to comment on her photo and seen her the day after as I was buying a ticket she stared and smiled. Her nf walked up and noticed and followed me into the same carriage. As he turned the other way she faced me with a huge smile and looked me in the eyes which really confused me? So I got off early to avoid the boyfriend. She sent a message saying just becoz I seen her around doesn't mean I can approach her and then her boyfriend pulled me up 20 minutes later at a shop and asked if I was ** I said no she stood behind him with a huge smile again. And then blocked me. So I messaged her via LinkedIn explaining that I was sorry and wanted to speak with her for ages but couldn't as I was busy with work and she made me shy. And that I hope we can get to know each other in the future. I said I don't expect a response as and see you around. So she hasn't blocked me she just uploaded a new picture if the same smile like her colleague at work took it. Kind of strange seeing as she USes it for work and her previous pick was more professional - check update

Ok so sorry for the long story but it's vital to get a good understanding. So after my comments and stuff you can clearly see I. Getting mixed signals what do you think of these occurances? My situation is very confusing


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  • She likes to flirt and get attention from you since she finds you attractive but she prefers to be with her boyfriend though... it makes her feel special that you are interested because you seem to be a great guy. I am sure you will find someone that will be much more interested in you and single :)

    • She was single the whole time she was trying to get to know me and stuff for roughly 1 year but I was shy and due to my work I disappeared for months and she thought I wasn't interested. So I came back but she now has a boyfriend :( lol.

    • Well sorry to hear that... but you can't talk to her now. She has a boyfriend and its not ok. I think if they split or something she will talk to you. You are very young... you are going to meet a lot of girls in your life. Enjoy every moment

    • Ok thank you :)