She's going through hell, what do I do?

We were really hitting it off and she was super excited to meet but then a relative died. She stopped messaging me. I messaged her, she ignored me at first but eventually replied the second time, saying she's going through a bad time.

What do I do? Or say? I don't want her to forget about me!


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  • Give her time and space. She won't forget about you. I just found out my grandfather died, and has been found died in his home yesterday. All while I just lost my mother last December to cancer. Its ruff. She is grieving. You have to let her begin to let go and move on. Because other people are going to move on with the rest of their life, especially other family members. She's not going to have other people to grieve with her. That's just life. Just be patient and offer her support before you start thinking about dating.

    • I'm sorry to hear about that. I'm just worried she'll never message again. Every one knows guys have to do the initiating. 6 days might turn into 6 months :(

    • @Asker Not true at all. Anybody can initiate. But at this point you to leave it for her to decide. Have faith that she will, at least she will have some kind of answer. And thank you.

  • give her some time. rough patch. just make sure to not overload her w/ messages right away, but let her know you're there if she needs it.

    after a while should go back to normal

    • But saying I'm there if you need me, isn't that kinda friendzoneish?

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    • This was yesterday. It's annoying because I was eventually going to say I'm here if you need me (which I truly am) but she never replied to my "stressful message" so I never got to say it. If I message her now it will seem like overload :(

    • yeah, i know it sucks and ur hand will wanna text but restrain. give it at least a couple days.

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