Does he like me?

I like this guy from my bible study. He's 28. Was in the US Air Force. Works for the governement now. He stays extremely busy with work, friends, sports, and commitments to church related things.

We started hanging out and texting a month ago. He doesn't text a ton but when he does he will send 12+ sentences.

We have hung out 2 times. By me asking to hang out. Dinner and a movie (he paid and picked me up). Then a late night movie at my place. He stayed late to talk both times. Basically until he was falling asleep.

He looks out for me from time to time. Helps me win at games. Makes sure no creepy guys are asking me out. Offered to pay my 500 dollar deductible when I got into a car accident.

He avoids eye contact with me sometimes at bible study though. Will try to hang around different people. I know he has a personal rule again dating girls in the bible study.


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  • He's done all that and not made a move? Yeah, he likes you but hasn't mustered the balls to do anything. He put himself in the friend zone. Tell him to give you the D or leave you alone ;)

  • Yes he likes you but he's repressed

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