How do I tell my boyfriend I don't want him talking everyday to other girls especially on snapchat cause then they get a streak so how do I tell him?

It's not that I don't trust him! It's just I don't trust those girls he talks to and they've given me a reason to not trust them. And he knows that snapchat streak is our thing, it's just bothers me a lot


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  • The fastest way to end a relationship is to "tell them" what to do. If it bothers you, tell him so. Tell him why it bothers you and how much it bothers you. Make him aware of how you feel.

    However, In the end if you tell him that he "cannot do it", and try to demand he stop, your going to end the relationship. Make him

    You can only control yourself and your actions. So you have to decided, if he isn't willing to stop doing something that hurts your feeling so much, is this a deal breaker? Or do you love him enough and trust him enough to say that you are willing to stay with him anyway. Are you willing to let him continue, if he chooses not to stop?


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  • Just tell him. There is no how to. Just tell him to stop. You set the rules and boundaries how YOU would like to be treated in this relationship. And if he doesn't like it, then end it.

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