How do I take things slow with a woman?

I was recently dating a woman who was very controlling and clingy, and decided that we would be better off being just friends. I felt that we were going REALLY fast and that we needed to slow down and told that to her, but it never came to that.

I met someone else a few days ago and asked her out on a date. The date went very well, and I explained to her that because of the last woman I was with, and the fact that I want to get to know a woman better before getting into a relationship, that I wanted to take things slow. At the end of the night we ended up holding each other and kissing (just tiny pecks on the lips). Am I rushing things again with her? And if so, how can I take it slow?

Can anyone help?


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  • I wouldn't say so but you just have to be careful about what you say in regards to leading this one on. I'm not saying that you ment to but somehow she may have felt that way. Huge problem with most guys I've dated. Be vocal about what you expect so ur both on the same page.


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