Do girls only date up when it comes to attractiveness?

Everyone knows girls date up on most stuff. Age, money, etc. But it seems girls will only date guys more attractive than them. Average looking girls don't want average looking guys...they want hot guys.

Anyone else notice this?

At my college I see average looking girls, without petite model bodies, hitting on the tall and muscular guys with a handsome face. And guess what? These girls stay single.


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  • Exactly, and here's why:

    - The media overvalues the prized thing women possess- power over sex. Naturally, men can try and seduce women just like women try to seduce men, but it takes a higher level of confidence, flirtation, banter, etc than the average woman. Most women can get away with being complete bitches and still get laid, while if a dude was a complete jackass and met a random girl, his chances would be slim to none (varying with the woman of course).

    Naturally, the way I suggest people approach that type of situation, is to put more value to yourself than physical appearance. Obviously if you're the 150 lb 6'2 athletic type of guy with a reasonable face (I just described myself)... Then you wouldn't stand a chance when competing in looks against someone that is 200lbs 6'2 with a face that is nothing short of attractive... So instead of competing and playing those games, bring out your personality and confidence. Flirt with her while teasing her, show her that you hold more value than just a rockin body. Then when she finds an interest in you, you can be the judge of whether or not you want to date her, while she expresses her values to you.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • ...I don't know, I've never dated a guy who I thought was more attractive than I was.

    I've also never dated a guy older than myself, or a guy who was financially better-off than I was.

    Maybe I and most of the women I know are just the odd ones out (really?), but my guess is that things like personality, sense of humor, and overall compatibility come first, and if they just so happen to be rich and incredibly attractive, hey, that's just icing on the cake.

  • so are girls with petite model bodies the only ones who are attractive and everyone else is ugly?

    anyways, EVERYONE (ugly, average, pretty) hits on the tall muscular handsome hot guys...just like EVERYONE (ugly , average, handsome) hits on the hot girls.

    there are def girls who don't only want hot guys. just like there are average guys who aren't delusional and only after the hot girls. you just have to find the right one


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  • Just remember this: Attraction is not a have an equal opportunity to get a girl just as much as the better looking ones. You just have to attract them more with your personality then your looks.