Why stay together with someone if they don't think u are the one?

My boyfriend and I have been together only a month. I asked him if thought I was a good girlfriend. He said yes and than after that he told me why. Well then at the end he added,"I like you but I don't love you sorry." I am realistic and I wasn't expecting that anyways in a month. Then he stated, "I am almost 30. I wanna settle down with a girl and have kids but unfortunately I don't think the girl is u."

After all this being said why would be still wanna be with me? I am basically got told there was no future so why should I invest more time?


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  • i personally would think like that: i have her now and i´m probably not finding anything better any time soon so might as well stay with her and enjoy things till they end.


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  • You shouldn't stay if they don't think you're it. It's just wasting time.

    • That is my thought... why let crap linger and put in an effort.

  • Who the hell falls in love in one month?

    • My point exactly! This guy hadn't had a girl to mess around with or date in 7 years.