How do I reconnect in a possibly romantic way with an old classmate on Facebook?

So we were pretty good classmates in grade 7, not really friends but I'm told she had a little crush on me and I had a crush on her, but we went to different high schools and haven't spoken since. Recently found her on Facebook, and even tho she has minimal activity she liked one of my posts after we became FB friends.
Do I contact her now, or do I try to post something else to see if she likes that too? Part of the reason we were never really friends was because we were both shy introverts, so I'm worried she'll be creeped out or something.

I messaged her and we started talking, thanks girls!


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  • send her a message on Facebook or something. if she's liking ur stuff then she probably doesn't think ur creepy. I'm a shy introvert also and would find it nice if someone reached out to me to reconnect even if we didn't talk much

    • Umm she only liked one post, so maybe it was an anomaly, so maybe I need one more to make sure?

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    • you should ask for her number 😏

    • Ohhh no not there yet lol. That's what I'm aiming for though!

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  • Oh man this is crazy I went through the exact same thing last year.

    • Any help tho?

    • I can offer you advice LMAO but I'll just let you know it didn't end well for me and him
      Message her and tell her you want to catch up. This won't be creepy cause you two haven't seen each other for a while and have been friends since middle school. If you want you can just message her and as how she's up to before you ask to catch up. Then just take it from there.

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