I had a dinner date with a guy and didn't hear from him all day. 2 days later he said he left his phone in a cab. Do I forgive/believe him?

It was our 4th date and things had been going really well. I had a feeling he wasn't getting my texts or calls the day of our date because my texts weren't going through as iMessages but rather as texts. He told me he got his phone back late last night and was so tired so he was planning to text me today. I heard from him around 9am. Then tonight we were reconnecting on snapchat because mysteriously we weren't snapchat friends anymore (nor were we connected on the dating app we were matched on). He sent me a screenshot to let me know he wasn't getting the message I had sent him and I saw all of his recent snapchat messages. He had sent a message to a contact named "Kelly Tinder" from last night at 11pm. I confronted him about how he found the time to talk to her but didn't text me until this morning. He responded by saying "this is getting really ridiculous". I said "what is getting ridiculous?" And he said "never mind". If he asks me out again do I say yes? He said he will make it up to me but now I don't know. Should I forgive him or move on?


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  • I wouldn't believe him to be honest.

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