How can I approach her if she already rejected me?

I met this girl at a bar. She was with her friend and I was with my friend who decided to not be my wingman and he just left the place but I still stepped to the girl when she was alone. We talked, she smiled a lot and looked straight into my eyes. We both were a little nervous but that's normal for a while I guess. I started to calm down and things went well. Then her friend came back and I got nervous again so I talked, talked, talked and talked like I was into my own voice and not her. We or I should say I talked for like 20 more minutes. I already knew what was gonna happen.

She didn't tell her name so I was unable to find her on facebook. I told her she's cute and she broke my heart in a funny way, then she asked me why am I saying things like that, while smiling at me, then I told her "I would've regretted if I never talked to you", and then left.

After that I believed that I'm gonna get over it by the next day but she was on my mind day and night since then. Took me a week to get to know her name and I added her on facebook and sent her a message.

She was cool about it at first but then she understood why I sent what I sent (it was about to my profession and I sent a funny message about it that's connected to her in some way) and said that she doesn't wanna continue what happened last week.

Sent a couple more long, long and kind, romantic messages, turned out things would've been okay if I wasn't nervous a week ago at the bar so I really needed a wingman. But she was lovely about rejecting me, she wished me the best of luck and all kinds of things. She's really a nice girl and person. I never felt like this about a girl when I only talked to her for like 30 minutes.

How can I approach her or should I do anything? I definitely don't wanna stalk her and not going to do that.


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  • Why do you want to approach someone who rejected you already?


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  • Props to you for actually approaching! However sorry bud long and kind messages don't change a girl's mind :P. She's rejected you twice now, the 2nd time nicely - don't let there be a third.

    Just think of it as one that got away, pursue other girls and if this one warms up further down the line, then you can give her attention. It's never good to fixate one one girl.

    • I wouldn't do that at all. I already talked to other girls since then, I just don't know how to keep in touch with this girl.

    • Well you've got FB details, just tell here you'd like to keep in touch if she wants to. There's a reason she didn't tell you her name tbh.

    • If you overcook it at this point you're going to ruin any chance you might still have.

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