Will he kiss my cheek or is he waiting for me to do it?

I have a crush on a supercute guy. I pretty much know he has a crush on me as well. We blush, flirt and everything, but I want a kiss on the cheek. He is similar to me so he will probably want it as well. I would LOVE a kiss on the lips, but I don't know if he is ready. I was thinking I could ask him to talk to me privately, and say that i have loved his emails. Then I was thinking I should lean in and if he leans in a kiss on the lips, otherwise a cute kiss on the cheek. I could just tell him via text, email or Skype that I want to kiss him on the cheek, or something about kissing on the cheek, but I am scared about next time I see him. It might be too awkward. I mean, if he says that he does too, I will just do it, reluctantly though. I feel like I sort of need to give him permission to kiss me, y'know? Anyway, please help because I am lost.



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  • yeah he may jist be unsure of ur okey with that. just give him permission, and then you will struggle to keep him off ur face :-D

    • ok, cool

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    • good idea but i am sorta nervous

    • i understand. if it can't be done, maybe you could just write it on a note and hand it to him sometime. that should work :-)

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  • Never wait, take initiave. If you want to win a war, you must fight, not hide :-)

    • Are you some sort of Kung fu master?

    • LOL, no. I just meant, go for it. If you take initiative, you control the sitution ;-)