Should I start talking to him again?

This cute guy told me he likes me when I was in an on-and-off going relationship with my ex. I said no of course but we remained friends.

He wanted us to be closer but I was afraid that would make my ex jealous so I started to get distant with him. Eventually we stopped talking and he wouldn't knock me anymore. I was in a relationship at that time so I didn't really care either.

After a month I knocked him and he ignored me. Around this time things were starting to fall apart with my ex. He (the cute guy) replied to my texts 24-48 hours later and wrote short texts. He did this twice, I got pissed and unfriended him and then added him back later when I calmed down. He accepted my request a week later.

I waited for him to knock me but he didn't.

I knocked him after 2 months and asked him what happened. This time he replied in a few hours. He said he doesn't want to talk about it, it's in the past and "it doesn't bother him anymore". We had a casual conversation afterwards and that was it.

Until I met him yesterday. We saw each other from distance. He approached, we talked for a bit, mostly about studies and then he left. He was acting usual, as if nothing happened.

Should I talk to him? Remember that he doesn't knock me anymore and the last few times I did he was acting moody and stuff although yesterday in person he was being nice and usual like nothing ever happened.

P. S. I don't have a crush on him but I think he's cute, especially his lips *_*

He = cute guy
ex = ex-boyfriend


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  • Yeah try and talk to him. Nothing is wrong with that


What Girls Said 1

  • With "He Knock, She Knock" and all of the Past Redrick here, dear, I feel the Best from the Rest Deal is to Be friends for now.
    Go Slow with Joe and see where it Might take you. He may be carrying a Bit of a Grudge and has a Big world of course to get over it In... Let's just see if he does come out of his Shell and come Knocking with Maybe More in Store.
    Good luck. xx