To make contact online or just let it go? meet this girl a couple days ago?

I randomly ran into her at a bar a couple days ago , she was crazy good looking so I guess she caught my attention. at some point I talked to her and she seemed to enjoy the attention , she's not from around here and lives in a smaller city maybe 1.5 hours away and goes to school in another city maybe 3 hours away that I have been to a couple times last year and familiar with. she told me what town she was from and I had meet some other girls her age from it a year or so back I had added them on twitter and she also told me her name so I was able to find her page rather easily. but it was locked so I cannot view it without trying to add her and she agreeing to request.

so now I've like found this really beautiful and stunning girls profile online and not sure if I should try and add her? I remember when I added the other girls she knew from her town they were surprised I was able to find them online so easily and maybe that freaked them out a bit.


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  • Friend her so her other friends know you know her

    • I haven't really talked to the other girls she'd know for some time , it was a random add and random meeting too at another bar

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