Does He really not like me anYmore or he is hiding from his feelings?

I have known him several years. Was in other relationships. Saw him all the time at my work. We talked. Lot. Flirted. I left my job last November. Didn't see or hear from him til I found him on facebook. He started messaging me every day saying he would like go go out. we met up. He text and called me every day on breaks at night telling me his daily activities. I hang out at his house almost dAily wRching movies. Eating talking. Then after 2 weeks his psycho ex is at the door.


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  • He isn't hiding his feelings. He isn't over her

    • I'm new on here. Didn't know if I could tell whole story. But he had told me about her. It had been on and off for three years. She had prolems he said. When i went to leave that day. He said I do wANT you here. I'm gonna take care of this. He said he had told her over and over they was done. He said she had attacked him twice and that they couldn't be together. He said if he went back within a week it would be the sand thing. He said he would call me when I got home. He did. He said he still wanted to see me. Within a few dAys he after me asking questions finally dId he did have feelings for her and that they are back together. But he may be making a mistake but has to try. He says he will always be my friend. Then after 10 days he text and says she is acting crazy again. said he had already blocked her number He said he figures that But had to try. Then the next day he says she i
      Kept him up knocking on door at 10 and y hem at midnight. I ask him out he said he couldn't

    • If he got with you it would be a rebound relationship and wouldn't last anyway

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  • He seems like he likes you but is afraid of his ex