I am not cheap, but what are cheap alternative dating ideas?

I recently came into the dating scene, and damn is it expensive.

Any ideas?


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  • Frozen dinner and a red box movie.


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  • Ideas?

    Get a better job... lmao.

    Sigh... there are plenty of ways to see a girl & show your attention without spending money.

    Whether this will impress her or not, depends largely on the type of girl you're seeing...

    For example, if you're trying to date a high maintenance princess & impress her with a lovely nature walk through some public botanical gardens... odds are good she won't be impressed.

    However, take a down to earth, "green" hippie chick to the same place & you're likely to enjoy an enthusiastic (sp?) date with a chick that's happy that you brought her somewhere thoughtful & insightful FOR HER.

    Low budget dates... hmmm, public parks, picnic, the beach... all of these could be considered romantic to the right girl at the right time.

    Does she like hiking? Are there good trails in your area?

    Basically anything outdoors & you're golden... Smokey the bear doesn't accept VISA if you take my meaning...

    More civilized cheap dating... that's not as easy, movies & dinner can get expensive. It's cheaper if you do dinner & a movie at your or her house... but that's not easy to pull off for a first date (or maybe even a 2nd)... it would be a big no-no to try 'at home' dating too early.

    Still, as a former restaurant & kitchen manager that knows how to cook well, believe me nothing is sexier than a man that can get a "wow, you cooked THIS?" out of a girl's mouth. Keep your place clean (not clean the day she shows up) & learn to cook. Steak, shrimp, & scallops are a lot cheaper at home then they are out on the town...

    Hmmmm that should get you started :P

    hope it helps

  • If you're looking to save some money, invite the woman to your place and cook a meal for her. Even if you are not a master chef, you can make it look good quite easily if you want to. However, if you do this make sure you ask if she has allergies, is a vegetarian, etc. to save yourself some potentially embarassing/akward moments.

  • Girls don't like boys they like cars and money...gold diggers will be turned off, just like avery put it.

  • Free online dating sites lots of them, ok cupid okcupid.com and plenty of fish plentyoffish.com lots of others okcupid was mention on time its got good reviews.

    • He wants places he can take a date & not bust his wallet... not helping GETTING a date you tard...

    • Its called online dating, you chat online, get to know them online and if it feels right then go out irl. It saves a lot of money, time, etc. depends on how you look at things...why waste money on someone that you don't know when you can preselect them online see what their interests, hobbies etc already online...even without dating...

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