Should I stop talking to this guy?

So I am dating a guy an it has been about three months now. And I don't feel like I am a priority for him like I am the last one he is thinking about. He always cares about what his parents think. If they say don't go out he won't. I can't stay the night anymore because his mom has a problem with it and can't go to his place without her saying something about it. And she always has a problem when we try to hang out with each other. He lets his parents dictate his life. And It is really starting to annoy me. He Is a 28 year old man and his parents are 80 living with him. I don't know how much I can put up with it. I think once I get my own place he still won't be able to stay the night because he will be worried about what his parents think.

What do you all think of this situation? Should I confront him about this issue or just stop talking to him?


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  • Yes, I can understand and people like this can be very annoying, irritating. I can't believe that he is 28 years old and he is behaving like this!. It seems like this guy won't take even a small step without his parent's consent, really strange. It seems like he is a puppet in the hands of his parents.

    This behavior is fine if he was still was in his teenage years but now he is a grown up adult and this behavior can be very annoying and he doesn't understand but it is actually making him look like a coward, honestly he seems to be mentally weak, doesn't have the confidence to stand up to his parents. Having respect and being disciplined is good, it's fine but this is just too much and what is surprising is his parents are still in full control of his life when he is old enough to take care of himself and understand things.

    I think in future if his parents tell him to break up with you, he will do so immediately without even thinking. This guy doesn't seem to have a mind of his own, his behavior is not like a mature man, he is behaving like a teenager.

    What good a person is he if he can't take his own decisions even at 28 years of age?

    Honestly this is not the kind of guy you want to be with. Yes you're right you will not be able to put up with this man for long, the best option for you is to break up with him. However before you break up you can also confront him, you can tell him how his behavior has been annoying you and then break up with him.

    People like this are very annoying. I am sure that if a woman was like this, a man wouldn't want to be with that woman so the same thing applies to a man also, if a man is like this I am sure a woman also wouldn't want to be with a man like this. I know that a woman needs a man and not a boy.


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  • That behaviour sounds okay for a teenager. In fact I bought he was until you mention his age. I don't think you should stay with him. Find someone you can have fun with. Though he respects his parents, he doesn't have much freedom and he seems to not be able to make his own decisions.