Why do guys wanna go shopping with me and buy me stuff?

Every time I meet a guy from a dating app for some reason they'd say "lets go shopping so I could buy you clothes/whatever you want" and id tell them no because I feel bad and then they would keep saying no don't feel bad and then eventually we'd go and they buy me stuff and I'd feel really bad. Why's that? Is there something wrong with me? Has this ever happened to you and if it has what did you do? They're my age too well maybe 2-3 years older but that's it

If I don't want sex should I just tell them straight forward when they ask to buy me stuff?


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  • It used to be, when I was closer to your age, that guy friends would question a friend's orientation, if he liked shopping with his Girlfriend. What they didn't consider, is how much fun it can be, because it isn't like they think, "Hold my purse while I change" but rather, "Come in here and help me get this on right, and how does it look?"
    I LOVE shopping with my GFs because I get to see so many different sides of her, like when she tries on different things, that really aren't her style, but somehow they just work, and she looks NICE!!
    Then there is shopping for shoes, and trying them on, and some women like to tease, and it's fun foreplay for later, getting a little peek, here or there, or being close, helping her zip something up, in the dressing room, KNOWING I'm not supposed to be in there, with her!
    Then there is a certain store, with VS as their initials. Just finding her evening's attire, together. Something nice and naughty, but then something soft and comfortable for sleeping. . .
    I've never actually offered, and said I would buy them anything. That part does seem a little shady, depending on the guy! My experience was always with someone that I was already calling a girlfriend, and mostly for our own fun.

    • So that means they just want sex? Lol

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    • Haha okay I get it! Yeah that's what I'm trying to say too it shouldn't always be about that! There's more to that in a relationship! But the guys that wanna take me out shopping to buy me stuff don't even know me lol

    • Yeah, those are the ones to avoid!!! They are wanting to obligate you by buying you things, and then 'guilt' you into doing things you don't want to do!!

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  • It's called they like you. It happens to people who have a vagina because people with a penis want to see that vagina and are willing to do anything to see it.

    • A man can have 20 woman😍run behind 19 😜 sleep with 18πŸ˜‚
      Carry feeling for 17 πŸ’– go out with 16 πŸ’žthink about 15😱 talk about 14πŸ’˜
      Freak out 13πŸ˜‚feel up 12😘 drive out 11πŸ‘ˆ take pics with 10πŸ˜ƒfight with 9 😠 kiss up 8😘 buy clothes for 7😱put out 6πŸ˜‚bring in 5😜
      Have fun with 4😜 give money to 3πŸ˜‰ have sex with 2😱but only β€ͺ#β€Žlove‬ 1πŸ‘‘πŸ’―
      Is just a man gameπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’§

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  • They sound kind of like losers to me to be blunt, like they're trying to buy your affection.

    • >> If I don't want sex should I just tell them straight forward when they ask to buy me stuff?

      Dunno, tricky. Imagine saying that to any guy who tried to buy you anything (a drink, e. g.).

      If you actually like the guy and maybe he's just kind of clueless about how to charm a woman, you might suggest some other activity that you two can mutually enjoy together.

  • Because you're a size EE cup and you wear a ribbed tank top everywhere.

    • More like a size c cup and I'm pretty fit lol and no I wear decent normal clothing

  • they are trying to buy there way into getting into your pants

  • I guess you look like someone they want to dress and they don't have any ideas on what to do with you assuming all women want to go shopping


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  • They think that's what you wanna hear.
    Probably feel like they can buy sex from you.
    They get you some clothes and then you "owe" them

  • Try to bribe you into sex...

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