Girls, is something wrong with me... is it bad being a conservative shy man in a society like this?

I'm Muslim male that has been raised in the US. I was raised as a conservative religous person that respected everyone.

I'm just gonna be straight honest, yes I'm a virgin and I have never held a girls hand before because I have never shared my love. I'm just a quiet nice friendly marriage material type of guy. However I don't see any advantage or disadvantege with any of these because all I do is stay committed in what I believe in.

Due to the societies nakedness and lack of morality I don't have many friends and none girl friends. I want to see what is my chance of finding someone within the same ideology in US. I see myself as a person who doesn't express himself to everyone which is kinda good kinda bad.

I'm just wondering will I ever meet someone that values the same things as me? When you girls look around your friendships can you say that there is still girls that have similar morals as me that are waiting for a true love rather than falling into false relationships.

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  • Yes I share the same values. I am also a religious girl and very conservative. I too am a virgin though I have held hands with guys and even made out with them. Many girls have been told by the liberal media that religion is stupid so yes there are less girls like me but you will find one and when you do don't let her go.

    • You see I want a girl (my wife) that will experience everything at the same time as me. That's why I have never made out with a girl. Never held a girls hand. I can't express myself truly this why I think I'm not finding someone because if I don't get to know people how can I find the special one. But I'm scared of falling in love with a wrong person :/ its just really confusing. If I find her though I can't even put into words how I would feel and love her.

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  • Yes it means you're soft lol


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  • Marry a religious muslim girl.

    Problem solved.

    • Its not about religion tho there are also "Muslim" girls that practice religion wrong and sleep with guys.

    • So marry a RELIGIOUS muslim conservative girl.

      Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Personally I'm not super religious or conservative. I'm not Muslim, I'm baptist, but I'm mot super religious. Also I'm a liberal. I do respect everyone as long as they are not spreading hate. Everyone should be free to make their own choices as long as they're not hurting anyone. I'm sure their are girls like you out there, they just are probably super rare. Until then, stay strong.

    • I know they are rare but how rare is the question I'm asking because I have never ran across one. I don't hate someone who is liberal or someone who lack moral. Its their freedom of choice but everything has consequences all I know is that. Thank you for the comment :)

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    • There are all different types of families. Deviating from the traditional ways of life isn't always a bad thing.

    • I know but finding the person with the same mindset as you is hard. This doesn't apply being from same religion or background. It the way you were though and raised up. To be honest I would want a wife that has a family and isn't distant with both of them because when I have kids I would want them to spend wise time with their grandparents and see what love and commitment is but it so hard seeing it in western society.

  • What is your ideology? Are you the type of person that believes women should cover their faces and sit in the back of churches when they're on their periods?

    • Please know the religion before you try to comment something bad about it.

      Yes I'm the type of person that believes a girl should cover up her body for her husband. And also the husband should lower their gaze and look only at their wife. No in mosques women are at the back because of the veil. Woman are kept sacred and cherished. Why we cover up women is the same as why you cover your jewelry. We worthy them and treat them with respect. :)

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    • I understand how we are created for different purposes but do you believe that a woman is of equal value and intelligence? Is a woman just as important as a man?

    • For me woman is important as men because if there were no woman there would be no men. Intelegency differs there are some girls that are really smart then there are some guys that are really smart. As for equality, I would like to ask you what your definition is because to me it doesn't mean having the same rights. If they are different than each other they must have rights over each other. For me equality is having those right over each other.

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