Girls is it perfume or pheromones that I'm smelling?

There's a distinct scent that I smell when I'm around girls sometimes. It smells REALLY good and honestly kind of turns me on. Is it pheromones (which I know is odorless) or perfume? If perfume, what is it exactly b/c I've smelled the same scent on a bunch of girls throughout my life. If it is a perfume it must be a super popular brand or something.

I remember one of my college dorm mates once had a girl over who slept on my bed because I wasn't there that night and I remember smelling it when I got back and loving the smell. If I remember correctly, I usually notice it around girls I find physically attractive though I'm not COMPLETELY sure and I didn't see what that girl that my dorm mate invited over looked like (and no they did not have sex on my bed). They're just more memorable than those I don't find attractive. I even noticed it again today when I was with one of my friends. Given she is decent looking girl but I don't see her like that. But that smell turned me on a bit actually and made me start having sexual thoughts about her. It really confused me.


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  • There was actually a study published on this I was reading I can't remember but I think it was by Stanford. Relationships aren't working out now because of DO and perfumes. Pheromones are the most important thing when a guy has to be attracted to a girl and vice versa. Perfumes and DO block the pheromones and therefore cause your brain to not understand if you subconsciously like the girl or not. So moral of the story even though it is probably the smell of perfumes you are smelling to sense if you really like the girls smell her sweat. You don't have to like it but your brain will know deep down.

    • A perfume is causing me to become turned on?

    • No you just like the smell externally but in reality it is blocking your subconscious to realize whether you really like the girl or not.

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  • There was a girl who had that effect on me before where just the way she smelled seemed amazing. She was a vegan (not sure how relevant that was).

    And she wore just a dash of perfume -- Gucci Rush 2. But she put on such a modest amount that it was only the smallest trace of the scent on her body.

    Yet I always remember how she smelled. This sounds kind of gross but there was a scent to her which was almost like semen, but sweeter, and mixed with that ever-so-subtle scent of perfume. I could smell it even around her neck when I was very close.

    I don't know how to describe it and how much the perfume had an effect but that smell drove me wild. She also smelled pretty damn amazing down there -- the type of girl I actually enjoyed having sitting on my face for extended periods of time.

    • She also had anemia -- not sure if that has any effect. Her smell was really this kind of unusual but pleasant "organic-chemical" scent, kind of like how jizz smells kind of chemical instead of organic, albeit being organic, but not jizz smell.

    • That's also how she smelled even when I went down on her. She had practically no vagina/anal scent whatsoever. All I remembered was that same smell, a dash of Gucci Rush 2 combined with something else I couldn't place.

    • Anyway, she was the most "beautiful-smelling" girl I ever dated, and after her I started to think how a woman smells has as strong of an effect on how attractive she is to me as how she looks.

  • Could be a little bit of both. I use to be able to tell which girl was near me at the club just by their scents.