My boyfriend and I are in a LDR. He has recently been getting very sick and I told him to go to the doctor, he did go, but the friend who drove him was this girl who he fell inlove with during our break (we broke up before) and he says he doesn't love her anymore and I trust him but I got really jealous and freaked out. He said I should of been thankful she took him and that she's just someone he can trust. I said I was sorry but he's still mad and then like 30 minuts after the fight he tells me she just knocked on his door with blood over her wrists. And that he needs to go take care of her, I told him I was alright and that I hope she's okay. I do, but I can't help but just generally feel jealous of her, because I was the one he spoke to when he was in love with her, I was the on who saw how he got drunk over her and how he'd call her the perfect girl and I was there still in love with him just saying she doesn't deserve him. But now he says they really are just friends, I believe him but why do I still feel so jealous? Is it normal or do I have an issue?

She does not self harm for his attention, she has other reasons
Also she does not even know we are dating


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  • if that girl self harms herself just to take your boyfriends attention then i dont think they are just friends but still i can't say anything for sure they could be friends.

    • She doesn't know we are even dating, she doesn't do it because she wants his attention, she does it because she is insecure

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    • Because technically we aren't dating, we are complicated, he's my ex boyfriend, future boyfriend in 3 years when I move to his country, his friends with benefits, and also kind of fiancĂ© for 5 years to come

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  • I know it's wrong, but I'd be upset too if I were in your position. I don't think you're at fault, but I also think that you overreacted.

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